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Château de Chénas Château de Chénas

Château de Chénas

The Château de Chénas was built in 1821, during the French Restoration. Since 1934 it has become the headquarters of the winegrowers' cooperative, counting 150 members. Since then, the wines have obtained many medals and awards. 

The appellations of Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages are red or rosé. They are flavourful, light and festive wines, to be enjoyed over a whole meal with friends. A part of the red production is vinified as 'primeur' wines. 

Tradition and modernity…

Our prestigious and renowned wines were appreciated by the Princes of Orange from the Netherlands, and Louis XIII, King of France. Today, our thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks allow us to make wine by using the most updated winemaking technics.


Red Wine(s)
  • Saint Amour "Sélection de la Hante"
  • Juliénas "Sélection de la Hante"
  • Moulin à Vent "Sélection de la Hante"
  • Fleurie "Sélection de la Hante"
  • Chénas "Sélection de la Hante"
  • Beaujolais Villages
  • Beaujolais
Rosé Wine(s)
  • Beaujolais Rosé
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